Wayne Gretzky on Marchand cheap shot said – ‘we’ve all been punched!’

Wayne Gretzky is not really in love with the shot that Brad Marchand threw into the back of his opponent’s neck on Tuesday night … and told TMZ Sports: “We were all hit.”

Marchand was targeted – some people called the Bruins a low-cost star – after Scott Harrington, the defender of Scott Blue Jackets, was exhausted in the third phase of the third game.

Harrington was on his knees in the fall when Marchand fired on the defenseless player – before he skated, before the referees saw what was happening.

Despite the video recording of the dirty game, Marchand should not be punished by the championship.

We asked “The Great One” if he believes that Marchand is up to the discipline of the League.

“First, it’s not my prerogative, it depends on the National Hockey League,” Gretzky said.

“What we have now in the NHL, we have excellent referees and we analyze what’s best for the game, and I’m sure the NHL will get it right.”

When we insisted that Wayne thought the punch was dirty, he explained … “I did not see the game, you have to see everything to understand what happened.”

Our guy said, “What do you think about the blow, was not it expensive?”

Gretzky laughed and said, “We were all hit!”

We also told Wayne that the Tampa Bay Lightning was overtaken in the first round of the NHL playoffs after reaching the record for the biggest regular season in league history.

The good news … Wayne believes the loss of the playoffs is a testament to the surprising parity of the NHL. He is confident that Lightning will be back in the cup next season.

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