The singer is recovering from a nervous breakdown: Britney Spears breaks the Internet with yoga

Britney Spears worried about the fans when she pulled out of the public scene at the beginning of the year because of her father’s disease, and then she was told last month that she was in the psychiatric institution because of the anxiety and bipolar disorder she was being treated.

The fans were convinced that she was there against her will, which she denied in an unusual video on Instagram, which was not for more than 4 months.

A few days later, “released” was released, or left the institution, and has since appeared regularly in public. Still, many are still convinced that it is all farce and that its management is holding a “short chain”, which is why it increasingly publishes videos.

Yesterday she published a footage in which in the yard of her house a yoga practice in bikini. The pop star showed how slim and varied she was, and at one point she made a spaghetti.

In just a few hours, the video has been viewed over 4.5 million times, which means only one – the fans are ready for its return.

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