The royal baby has arrived: will George and Amal Clooney be godfathers?

The royal baby is finally here! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry today have become parents of a little boy, whose name we still do not know.

The couple posted the official news on a common Instagram, and the next day we will see the royal baby for the first time. His name is not yet known, but he is only guessing – as well as the godfathers.

For now, the loudest rumors are that the couple Clooney, George and Amal could bite the little ones.

“They are much closer than the headlines,” the source finds, adding that George has said he has a strong feeling that he and his wife will be one of the people that the royal family will ask for an important role to play.

The question arises as to how the merger of this powerful quartet actually came about? According to official reports, George and Harry have been among the same philanthropic circles for years, and after “adding” their husbands to a “mix” – two pairs have become even more intense!

In addition to regular dinners, Clooney hosted a duchess and duchess at her estate, located on the sumptuous Lake Como, in August this year, where the royal family, according to sources, had an accelerated parenting course, meeting the twins of the famous couple.

Geogre and Harry have so far established an indisputably intimate relationship, but their wives are in fact those that have become indivisible!

Meghan decided to “borrow” Amali’s hairdresser for her special day. “Megan is impressed with Amal,” explained the source, adding that the Duchess believes that, as he says, a lawyer fighting for human rights was a fantastic role model for their child.

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