Taylor Swift has discovered who knows the secrets of a new album

Over the years that have been plagued by scandals, breakups and quarrels with other celebrities, Taylor Swift has become one of the most mysterious women of pop culture. So it’s no wonder that every reporter who succeeds in interviewing a popular singer – an American princess popularly called – is trying to figure out the hidden messages of her songs and albums.

The last in a series that tried it was Scott Mills, a BBC radio reporter who questioned the singer about the mysterious Easter eggs in the Me spot.

“I hope I’m not too boring and I will not fan the fans with secret messages, but for me, music is more than just pure sound. Symbols and aesthetics bring so much into songs. I think it’s a better experience of my music for fans, “Swift laughed.

The singer acknowledged that no one has ever managed to guess the name of the new single, nor the name of the entire album, and that even her best friends understood only some of the “secret symbolics” in the video. To understand everything, the singer claims that it is necessary to listen to the entire album.

“I do not plan to keep everything secret until the end, but I want to be the one who will directly tell the fans what is happening. I think I know when that moment will happen, “the singer admitted.

The only person who knows all the secrets of her rich discography is certainly Andrea’s mom, with whom the singer has a very close relationship.

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