Madonna – Michael Jackson is innocent man until proven guilty

The pop queen is not yet ready to “detonate” the pop king – despite the global horror of recent documentaries re-launching accusations of sexual abuse of children against Michael Jackson, Madonna points out that they are all innocent until proven guilty.

In a conversation with British Vogue, she gave her opinion on the HBO documentary Leaving NedońĎija, in which two adult men make a new accusation that the deceased musician had attacked them while they were children. Since January, when the film had a premiere, big debates on the subject are underway.

Jackson’s music is banned from radio stations in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

Madonna, a former rival, and then a friend of the accused musician, said she did not watch the movie, but also did not want to be healthy for almost believing in these accusations.

“I have no mentality of the mass that wants a lynch, and in my mind people are innocent until their guilt is proven,” she said.

“There were thousands of charges against me that were not true, so it’s my attitude when people tell me about others -” can you prove it? “, She added.

Asked what some interpreted as evidence of Jackson’s guilt in the film, the singer replied “she does not know because she did not look at him”.

“I suppose it’s about people who are persuading real events? But, of course, people sometimes lie, “she added.

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