Lady Gaga explained to Met Gale: Changed the four bones and eventually remained almost naked

It’s been only a few months since Lady Gaga took the Oscars for the best original song in the movie – Shallow, then released a controversial tweet about the new album, and then almost disappeared from social networks and from the public.

Nevertheless, as previously announced, the controversial singer returned to host this year’s Met Gali and completely overshadowed the others!

Gaga came to the red carpet in a huge pink dress designed by Brandon Maxwell, and then delighted in all the passions when she changed in just another ten minutes three other bones, leaving her only in the black underwear.

In addition to unusual dresses, Gaga also had an oversized eyelash, an unusual hairstyle, and the whole controversial look was accompanied by her theatrical behavior that caused screaming fans.

The singer has announced her sixth studio album for a long time, and before leaving her social network she actively left “tracks” that she announced that the new music is getting closer.

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