Kim Kardashian sues a famous brand: sell a wardrobe with her name

American TV star Kim Kardashian filed a lawsuit against the Missouled brand because they used her photos to promote their products.

Kardashian, who earns nearly half a million dollars from just one announcement on Instagram, emphasized that no one except her and her fashion brand has the right to use her photos for the purpose of promoting her products.

Kim claims $ 5 million in damages from a well-known brand because of the violation of her rights as well as the damage directly inflicted on her brand.

Otherwise, Misguidedi is known as the fast food fashion industry – clothing that the stars carry is able to make it in the short term and immediately sells them via social networks.

Many believe that the entrepreneur was pretty mild because she claimed compensation for “only” $ 5 million, since, according to her reports, they claim to earn much more than half a million dollars.

The information that appeared on the Kim’s Instagram Media Statement ended “thanks to” court documents saying her salary was $ 300 to $ 500,000 by Instagram.

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