Kim Kardashian removed the ribs for a perfect waist ?!

Kim Kardashian took the unusual fashion combination at this year’s Met Gala, the first new creation by legendary French designer Thierry Mugler after more than two decades.

Although the TV star picked up compliments, many wondered what the price of this looks like.

“What do you think, how many ribs have been removed by Kim K,” one Twitter user wrote, while others commented on her diet plan, which was credited for this look.

“It insults me with the idea that somebody pretends to have this kind of appearance by eating plants, not removing the ribs,” he wrote.

Soon, Melissa Alcantara, who is in charge of the trainings of the star, also came in and found that the hard work resulted in such a look.

“To clarify some things: under one, this dress has a corset, OR, under two, Kim works hard for six days a week, wakes up early and is dedicated to it,” Melissa wrote.

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