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Jennifer Lopez make the most expensive wedding in Hollywood

There’s no end to the drama in life Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez started!

The first source close to the former athletes accused Alex of defrauding Jennifer and her former wife, Jessica Canseco, and then British model Zoe Gragory said that Alex had called for action just a few days before the March 9th date.

Rodriguez denied all these claims and explains the source close to the couple, Jennifer trusts him. “He told Jennifer to love her and her only, and that she wants to spend the rest of her life with her. She trusts him at all times, so she is only one in her head – a wedding! “, Said the source.

In view of this, Life & Style magazine has learned exclusively that the couple are not planning to save on a grand ceremony.

As the magazine reported, JLo and Rodriguez are planning to make the most expensive wedding in Hollywood history. The source explained that the singer and former athletes want to surpass even Kanye West and Kim Kardashian who spent more than $ 12 million in 2014 on their wedding!

“Alex said he wants to make up for all the drama about alleged fraud and wants to arrange a wedding from her dreams. Preparations have started, and if judged by what they are doing now, their friends will not be surprised if they end up spending more than $ 15 million at the ceremony, “the source explained.

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