Chris Brown attacked by a woman because he threw a toddler on her baby

From Hollywood we have a strange story, after the police took the wife from the estate of Chris Browne, who had been hunting him for some time because he threw her into her baby.

Police officers who responded to the call on Saturday night said they noticed a strange woman wandering around the estate of a famous singer throwing the Bible over his wall.

She told the US media that she had received information from a woman that she had come from Texas in the hope of convincing Chris to take off the act he had thrown at her son. It was said that she thought that the presence of the Bible at his visit would assist in the removal of the curse.

The police took the woman to send her to the assessment, sure she had mental problems, while her son took over the service for social work.

In the end, they add that Chris was not directly involved in the incident because he was not at home at that time.

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